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The ideal solar energy system for your home!

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Enjoy Solar

Energy in

your home!

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Produce your own energy and save on your electricity bill!

A home that uses clean energy is a breath of fresh air for the environment.

Solar panels

Mounting System



How does solar energy work?


Solar panels capture the energy of the sun, and an inverter transforms energy into electricity so you can use it in your home. When your solar energy system produces more energy than you consume, it is injected into the network to obtain a discount on your electricity bill.

The SunnyHome System includes:


Solar Panels of international quality.

We work with international suppliers and high quality products.


Microinverters and / or central inverter included

The most advanced technology and the best performance for your solar system.


Anodized aluminum mounting system.

Flexibility, high durability and resistance to corrosion.


Monitoring system

We monitor the energy production of each system.


High Performance Installation

We comply with the FIDE EC-0586 installation standard and the Mexican electrical standards to guarantee the quality of the installation and compliance with the CFE verification for the interconnection to the network.


Interconnection procedures presented to CFE

We manage the necessary procedures and present to CFE for the start-up of your system.


Energy production guarantee of 25 years in solar panels.

We verify that your solar panels generate the determined energy during their life time.

Our guarantees:

Absolute confidence and verified quality.

Selection and quality verification of high quality components.

We select the best technology components, according to the type of project, verifying the supply chain, quality and guarantees thereof.

3 years warranty directly with us:
We provide a 3-year warranty on factory defects in components and installation with each installation.

25-year energy production guarantee

Our panels offer a guarantee life of 25 years.

Certified Installation: High performance
All the installations comply with a certified protocol of installation, monitoring the safety, efficiency of competences and inspection for the interconnection to the electrical network.

Eco Certified:
We offer products that meet the highest quality standards in favor of the environment.

Green Energy User:
We distinguish each company that uses our technology: each green company represents a breathing space for the environment.





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Enjoy savings on your electricity bill and contribute to the care of the environment

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